and Butler County Storm Water District: "Stormwater Utilities: Reckoning the Cost Side of the Equation"
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Nov 20, 2013
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Oct 22, 2013toNov 20, 2013
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1921 Fairgrove Ave, Hamitlon, OH 45011
The Butler County Storm Water District is hosting the 2013 webcast series produced by the Center for Watershed Protection. This training session is being provided FREE of charge. Don't miss out! Bring your lunch and take advantage of a great training opportunity.

About the Webcast: Stormwater Utilities: Reckoning the Cost Side of the Equation

Stormwater utilities continue to be one of the most promising means to build and sustain a local stormwater management program. Developing an effective stormwater utility demands an understanding of both the revenue and cost side of the equation. There are various, well-understood methodologies for the revenue and rate-setting side of the equation, but getting a good read on the actual costs of operating a program and implementing BMPs seems much more mysterious. With evolving BMP specifications and new innovative practices, developing reliable cost data can be tricky, as cost data are notoriously unreliable, and variable. How can a program developing or modifying a stormwater utility do a better job of honing actual costs, both today and into the future? This webcast will provide resources and case studies on this topic.

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Stormwater Utilities: Reckoning the Cost Side of the Equation webinar
Location: Butler County Engineer's Office, 1921 Fairgrove Ave, Hamilton OH 45011
Bob Lentz
phone: 513.785.4101
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