Best Management Practices for Asphalt Maintenance Repairs Workshop
Event Date
Aug 21, 2014
Registration Dates
Jul 29, 2014toAug 13, 2014
Training Center Room A
1881 East 25th Avenue , Columbus, OH 43219
When:   Thursday August 21, 2014
Where:  Training Center Room A 1881East 25th Avenue Columbus, Ohio 43219
Time:     8:00am – 2:00pm
Cost:     $20 per person (lunch Included)

This training will focus on locally operated maintenance of asphalt roads. It will cover basic principles and methods for maintaining, and repairing local roads. Information is geared towards public employees who are workers, crew leaders, inspectors, managers and township road superintendents. technical background is not required in order to benefit from the practical tips provided.


Module 1. Pavement Distress & Repairs
a. Alligator
b. Pothole
c. Utility Cuts
d. Depressions
e. Slippage
f. Rutting
g. Corrugation
h. Cracking
i. Raveling
j. Bleeding
k. Polishing

Module 2. Winter Pavement Repair Techniques
a. Materials
b. Equipment
c. Processes and procedures

Module 3. Summer Pavement Repair Techniques
d. Materials
e. Equipment
f. Processes and procedures

Module 4. Hands on Demonstration
a. Spray Injection
b. Pothole Patching
c. Infrared
d. Crack-seal

Shane Mark
50 West Gay Street 2nd Floor
Columbus, OH 43215
phone: 614-645-7400
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